Kathleen Reily has struggled with daily anxiety and weekly panic attacks for over four years. Her anxiety and panic ended when she began implementing various daily techniques from research in the field of Neuroplasticity.

Kathleen is a chronic anxiety and panic resolution coach who teaches individuals how to retrain anxiety and panic prone neurological pathways to function as safe, resilient, and calm pathways. By building neurons that sustain a long term mindset of calm and safety, the client is actually learning how to grow GABA receptors and GABA neurotransmitters in the brain again. This is possible because the brain produces serotonin while in a state of calm and safety, serotonin is a critical precursor for the natural manufacturing of GABA in the brain. Her eight-week program is designed to prescribe a weekly set of potent daily exercises that have been proven to be highly effective not only with her own clients but also in various prior case studies within the heavily researched field of Neuroplasticity.
Kathleen’s program has created incredible changes in mood, mental power, focus, creativity, energy, resilience, safety, calm and sleep for prior clients. Individuals have demonstrated an ability to remain calm and resilient during tense and challenging situations both at work and home. Clients have also experienced significant changes in symptoms that often occur in individuals who are tapering off of or recovering from  Benzodiazepine medication. Her program has allowed clients to heal symptoms such as chronic anxiety, fear patterns in the brain, nerve pain, and insomnia as well as other associated recovery symptoms.


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